How to Buy Ethereum

As there are more and more ways of purchasing Ethereum, LottoMotto has selected for you the best options to currently do it.

Buy Ethereum on an Exchange

There are many cryptocurrency exchanges such as PoloniexKrakenHitBTC and Bitfinex that sell Ethereum, and you can purchase it normally for both fiat and other cryptocurrencies. This is probably one of the easiest ways. You can either trade your BTC or other cryptocurrencies supported for Ethereum or you could deposit some fiat currency into your account, buy some Bitcoin with it and then simply exchange that to Ethereum. From there you can withdraw your ETH to your wallet.

The fees are of similar values ranging between 0.1 to 0.2%. Withdrawal fees vary a bit depending on the transfer. You’re normally better off doing a SEPA transfer which is either free or less than a euro. Bank transfers to other countries can range between $5-$20. Crypto withdrawals are normally free or with a network fee around 0.05€.

If you already have Bitcoins you’d like to convert to Ethereum, you can also try Buy Ether. You simply need to send them your Bitcoin and enter your Ethereum wallet address to receive ETH in return. That is if you have set a wallet up already.

Getting an Ethereum Wallet

Ethereum Wallet has integrated Shapeshift so you can also get your ETH through your wallet if you have some Bitcoin.

If you’re at home with programming and coding you can also use Geth. If not, it’s probably best to find something with a simpler user interface. It is great for putting together contracts, sending and receiving Ether. However, if you are just looking for a wallet that is simple and self explanatory, then this probably isn’t for you.

A significantly more user-friendly option is MyEtherWallet. Simple – send, receive and you can also print out your address for cold storage.

Another option is to get your Ethereum Wallet on your phone. This currently is only available on Android.


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