LottoMotto Products

We offer one start package and one autoship package for our valued members.

LottoMotto Start Package

Start Pack : Price: $395
Package Detail:

Latest information about the valuable investment information of cryptocurrency
Sharing Shopping Mall Revenue
Sharing Travel Affiliate Business Revenue
Offers Deals and Coupons
Pre-sale Opportunity for investment worthy cryptocurrency
※The bonus is paid out to the sponsor from the new member enrollment with the start pack , and the bonus is 10% of 300PV※
※The start pack referral bonus is given to anyone who is our member of the company and no active status required.※
※There is no limit to the number of people you can personally enroll (your first level).※
※In order to receive other bonuses, member should purchase Active Autoship Pack($45 / 35PV)※

LottoMotto Autoship Package

※What is Active AutoShip Pack($45/35PV)?
: Team Office Fee + Cryptocurrency Investment Information Service Cost for 4 weeks + AutoShip Star Bonus Opportunity + Loyalty Bonus Opportunity Included.※
※All bonuses are calculated and paid based on PV (Point Volume).※
※The bonus is settled and paid on a weekly basis.※
※The first bonus is paid two weeks after the first week of business.※

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